Action Required


One small act of kindness will start ripples of positive change.

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Matthew 14:16

[Jesus] said to them, “There is no need for them to go away; give them some food yourselves.”


Why would Jesus tell his followers to give food to eat to a “vast crowd” that had gathered in a “deserted place” when he knew full well that his followers didn’t have enough food to feed them?

They only had “five loaves and two fish” which obviously was not enough.

Well…if they had some food with themdon’t you think the others in the vast crowd also carried some food with them when they were traveling off to a “deserted place”?

I’m not saying Jesus couldn’t have whipped up a miracle like a magician and…presto…food for all.

But wouldn’t it be a more meaningful miracle to have his followers share the little they had…and to then see the ripple effect of the others then sharing the little they had…until we see that when all the people cared for each other as one bodyall were indeed “satisfied”?

Following Jesus is not about sitting still and expecting him (or God) to help those in need.

It’s about us taking action ourselves.

What act of kindness can each of us do today that could start a “ripple effect” leading to more harmony and oneness?


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Remember…God loves you!


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Child of God, Pastoral Minister, Chaplain, Music Minister, Jail Minister, singer-songwriter, former radio news anchor, imperfect follower of Jesus inspired by God's unconditional love, proud uncle... what else is there?
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